Feb. 20th, 2012

W2 Optronics Introduces Micro-organism Detection Solutions W2 Optronics today introduces a set of micro-organism detection assays that can rapidly detect several types of pathogenic bacteria in water, liquid, food, and contact surfaces using its sensitive fluorometer. Unlike the industrial standard that requires culture growth for 24 hours or longer, this assay can detect the presence of bacteria within as little as 30 minutes. And if detecting as low as 1 CFU (colony forming unit) is needed, it only requires a short 5-hour of incubation before performing the test. This assay enables water, food, and recreation industries to detect the dangerous micro-organism contamination within one work-shift and to rapidly respond with proper procedures. The available assays now include e. coli, enterococcus, fecal coliform, gram negative, salmonella, total coliform, and total organism. W2 also provides the field kits that include everything needed in order to conveniently perform the tests in the field.

Dec. 1st, 2010

W2 Optronics, Inc. Introduces Dual-Channel Fluorometer: W2 Optronics, Inc., a technology-leading company in the biotechnology industry, introduces the availability of the Fluoro-Dual handheld fluorometer. This new product provides an additional detection channel on top of the existing Fluoro-Quik single-channel fluorometer within the same enclosure, increasing the diversity and reducing the cost for all users, while maintaining the same excellent sensitivity of the single-channel meter.

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