Total Coliform Detection Kit

The total coliform detection kit is a presumptive screen intended for the rapid detection of coliform bacteria from a swab sample using the FluoroQuik handheld fluorometer. FluoroQuik utilizes a fluorogenic substrate which, when hydrolyzed by a specific enzyme (during peptide hydrolysis), produces a fluorescence which is read by the fluorometer (ex/em =480nm/530nm).

Part Number: TCFM-S50


  • Sample: Surface sample collected by swab.
  • Assay Performance:
    • Sufficient for 50 test.
    • Detection range: 150,000 CFU/sampling, immediately showing result.
    • Detection range: 1-150,000 CFU/sampling, after 3-6h incubation.
    • Detection limit: 1 CFU/sampling.
  • Shipping and storage: The kit is shipped at room temperature. Store the reagents at 4C. Shelf life: 12 months.

(Carrying case, fluorometer, and swab shown in the picture are not included.)

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