Ultra High Sensitivity and Broad Range dsDNA Quantitation
Superior sensitivity and broad dynamic range

AccuBlue™ and AccuClear™ dsDNA quantitation assays allow precise quantitation of purified dsDNA samples across a wide range of concentrations. Unlike absorbance-based nucleic acid quantitation, fluorescent DNA binding dyes are highly sensitive and selective for double-stranded DNA and provide a more accurate DNA concentration in the presence of contaminating RNA and other common contaminants including free nucleotides, protein, detergents and salts. W2 offers three dsDNA quantitiation kits for different instruments and sample concentration ranges. The kits also differ in their tolerance of various contaminants.The AccuClear™ Ultra High Sensitivity assay is based on a novel, next-generation DNA binding dye which offers unrivaled sensitivity and dynamic range compared to other DNA dyes.

AccuBlue™ Broad Range
Part Number: DNABR-1000


  • Linear range: 2-2000 ng dsDNA
  • Blue fluorescence (Ex/Em: 350/460 nm)
  • Assay can be extended to 4000 ng dsDNA with minor loss of linearityAssay can be extended to 4000 ng dsDNA with minor loss of linearity

AccuBlue™ High Sensitivity
Part Number: DNAHS-1000
  • Linear range: 0.2-100 ng dsDNA
  • Green fluorescence (Ex/Em: 480/530 nm)
  • Membrane-impermeable dye is non-toxic and non-mutagenic, for safer handling and easy disposal

AccuClear Ultra High Sensitivity™
Part Number: DNAUHS-1000
  • Linear range: 0.03-250 ng dsDNA
  • Green fluorescence (Ex/Em: 480/530 nm)
  • Unrivaled sensitivity and dynamic range

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