K-30 Dry Bath Incubator

The K-30 Dry Bath Incubator is a microprocessor-controlled product. With this technique, more stable and accurate temperature control is achieved. Replacement is convenient with optional carrier modules of various sizes configured for different types of test tubes.


  • Temperature control range: from 5C above ambient to 100C
  • Time required for temperature to increase from 20C to 100C: <=25 min
  • Temperature control discrepancy: <=0.5C
  • Display discrepancy: 0.1C
  • Homogeneity of block temperature: <= 0.5C
  • Maximum heating power: 150W
  • Maximum temperature: 105C
  • TimeRange: 99 h 59 min


  • LED display
  • Current temperature and count down time display
  • Metal blocks free of sample counter-pollution
  • Easy replacement, cleaning and disinfecting of metal blocks
  • Built-in over-temperature protection
  • Calibrating temperature discrepancy
  • Buzzer alarm when temperature control ends
  • Only heating design and Custom blocks are available

Part Number: W2-INCB-K30

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